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A doctor can never stop learning. Recognising this truth, iSpine Academy provides carefully curated courses for doctors and medical professionals to Educate, Encourage, and Empower them towards continued professional development!
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Soft Skills
Interactive training sessions for physicians to strengthen their communication and interpersonal skills.
Clinical Skills
Specially designed courses for practising physicians to sharpen their clinical skills.
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Presenting the FIRST ever SPINE BOOT CAMP in India for the Orthopaedic and Neuro surgeons. Boot camp is a regimented military style training, which has been translated to different areas of skills training. 

The iSpine Academy

The International Spine Academy (iSpine) is an academic platform dedicated to delivering higher education for physicians and healthcare professionals. Our courses are skillfully curated to leverage the latest advancements in clinical and surgical knowledge for spine and allied specialities. By partnering with several national and international spine forums and industry experts, we strive to deliver the best medical education and evidence-based surgical practices.
  • We deliver the most relevant courses for doctors, designed by doctors
  • Our courses are aimed at small groups and tailored to their specific needs.
  • We determine the appropriate medium for training using thorough market research.
  • Our mission is to blend contemporary medical concepts with modern teaching methods.
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Courses We Offer

Experience the power of education with interactive training sessions led by senior physicians and surgeons.

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Faculty members narrate their learning experience and explain in detail how iSpine Academy played a crucial role in helping them learn, grow and achieve. Watch the video to learn more!